1. How can AccuEdit’s professional, technical writers and editors save you and your company time and money?
The National Commission on Writing estimates that U.S. businesses lose as much as $3.1 billion annually because of poor writing. Unclear instructions, procedures, memos, and technical submittals can result in costly and even dangerous delays, misunderstandings, and actions.

Even if you are confident in your writing abilities, it always pays to have a second set of experienced eyes look at your writing. Because you have been so involved in the development of the document, it is almost certain you will not catch all the ambiguities, errors, and opportunities for improvement.

With technical and scientific documents in particular, inserting an experienced, independent technical editor who is familiar with current conventions and regulations into your review process can actually shorten the process and reduce the number of requests for additional information, saving your company money.

People will judge you and your company or organization by the quality of your writing. If your writing is precise, correct, and professional, you will look professional and inspire confidence in your abilities.

2. What are AccuEdit’s billing procedures and policies?
AccuEdit will submit an invoice for its services on completion of the project. This invoice will briefly describe the agreement between AccuEdit and the client, list the services performed, detail the rates for those services, provide a total production cost, and show a total, required payment. The payment will be due on receipt unless other arrangements were made prior to the start of the project. AccuEdit accepts payment via check or PayPal.

3. What will I get as a product from AccuEdit?
AccuEdit’s standard product is a redline/strikeout version of your original document. This allows you to review and evaluate AccuEdit’s suggested changes and individually accept or reject them. This document will be in a condition such that, if you desire, you can blanket accept all the changes, and the document will be publication ready.

4. What is ghost writing?
Ghost writing involves writing a document or parts of a document for a client without taking any credit for the writing and is a common practice. AccuEdit offers ghost writing as a service. AccuEdit will write a document based on the client’s instructions and the information provided by the client, but AccuEdit’s name will not appear anywhere in the document, nor will AccuEdit reveal its participation to anyone. Total client confidentiality is guaranteed.

5. What if I want further editing in a document after the initial edits?
If, after reviewing AccuEdit’s initial, suggested changes to your document, you decide you need further changes, send the document along with your requests and instructions back to AccuEdit. There is no charge for up to three (3) rounds of additional edits or changes.

6. What conventions and style guides does AccuEdit use?
AccuEdit’s default style guide for general style questions is The Chicago Manual of Style. For scientific and technical documents, AccuEdit uses Scientific Style and Format, by the Council of Science Editors. AccuEdit is also familiar with American Psychological Association (APA) style, Associated Press (AP) style, and Modern Language Association (MLA) style. For usage questions, AccuEdit refers to Garner’s Modern American Usage.

Unless instructed differently, AccuEdit will use the following standard conventions when editing a document:

  • Space after periods and colons – One (1)
  • Commas – AccuEdit uses the serial or Oxford comma. This is the comma before the final “and” in a list.
  • Capitalization – AccuEdit adheres to a “down” style of capitalization. This involves minimizing capitalizations. If your company or organization has special capitalization protocols, let AccuEdit know so we can accommodate your preferences.
  • On/Upon – For the sake of clarity and simplicity, AccuEdit recommends replacing “upon” with “on.”
  • Use/Utilize – For the sake of clarity and simplicity, AccuEdit recommends replacing “utilize” with “use.”
  • Hyphens and closed compounds – In accordance with current style and usage guidance, AccuEdit recommends closing words with prefixes and compound words in general unless ambiguity will result. For example:
    • coauthor instead of co-author
    • reedit instead of re-edit
    • nonevent instead of non-event

If you or your or company or organization have particular style preferences or requirements, please let AccuEdit know so we can accommodate your preferences.

7. Does AccuEdit offer any services other than editing and writing?

AccuEdit has developed and delivered several courses in basic and advanced technical and business writing and can develop and conduct customized writing courses on site for your organization. AccuEdit can also provide basic formatting, layout, and design services.

8. How long will it take to edit my document?
Under normal circumstances, AccuEdit can copy edit approximately 2, 500 words per day. This is about 10 pages of double-spaced text. However, this schedule can be accelerated to meet your needs if necessary.

9. What grammar, style, and usage references does AccuEdit recommend?
AccuEdit recommends the following references for grammar, style, and usage:

  • Grammar – The Little, Brown Handbook. H. Ramsey Fowler, Jane E. Aaron. Scott Foresman and Company.
  • Style – The Chicago Manual of Style. University of Chicago Press.
  • Usage – Garner’s Modern American Usage. Bryan A. Garner. Oxford University Press.

10. How do I submit a document to AccuEdit?
AccuEdit’s preferred submittal format is a Microsoft Word file attached to an email to accuedit@comcast.net. If you require a different type of submittal format, contact AccuEdit to work out the details.

11. What kind of status reports will I receive from AccuEdit, and how often will I receive them?
AccuEdit will provide you with a status email at a frequency dependent on the duration of the project. If the project will last only a few days, status reports are probably not necessary unless problems develop. If the project will last more than a week, AccuEdit will provide you with a weekly status report. If you need status updates more frequently, let AccuEdit know.

12. If I just have a grammar, style, punctuation, or usage question, can I submit it to AccuEdit?

Send your questions in an email to accuedit@comcast.net. There will be no charge.